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Privacy Policy

Innovent,Inc. (“Innovent”) recognizes the importance of customer’s personal information, regards its protection as a basis of business activities and as one of the most important subjects of the management. To provide customers with safe and reliable services, Innovent has established the basic policies as below which are thoroughly informed to all employees and observed by them.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information
When collecting personal information, Innovent shall clarify the purpose of collection, notify its contact point for the customers, and use it within the scope of collection purpose.

2. Security and Handling of Personal Information
Innovent shall provide and improve personal information protection regulations to prevent leakage of, loss of, or damage to personal information, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision for employees to handle personal information safely.

3. Maintenance and Improvement of Internal Regulations
Innovent shall comply with laws and regulations applicable to the personal information it possesses and strives to maintain and improve internal regulations concerning personal information protection.

4. Contact Address for Inquiries
Innovent shall respond appropriately to requests for changes/deletions of personal information entered on the website. (Excluding cases where we cannot identify the individual such as access log information.)
 Osaka (Kansai) IR Showcase Executive Committee (within Innovent,Inc.)
 E-mail: ir-expo@trso.co.jp